J. Music – Japan Annual Singers Championship (Kohaku Uta Gassen紅白歌合戦)


ohaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦) is a giant annual music TV show on every New Year’s Eve produced by Japanese public broadcast NHK television company locally. It also broadcasts internationally by NHK’s overseas networks, which whoever bought the program. This show usually ends shortly before the midnight of every new year eve.Kohaku Uvlcsnap-2012-05-11-11h27m48s113ta Gafinale2ssen represents “Red and White Song Battle”. This TV program divides the music artists of the year into 2 teams of red and white. The “red” team of akagumi (赤組) represents of all female vocals/artists or groups of female vocals/artists. And the “white” team of shirogumi (白組) represents all male vocals/artists or groups of male vocals/artists. This honor of the super ultimate singer of performing on Kohaku is usually very selectively every single year that leads to the most successful Japan singer artist can perform. It is VERY important for them that this kind of music performances can directly affect the sale CD album of each individual singer……………………………………..



J. Pop – Yanakiku

YANAKIKU – It has the members of Japanese pop female vocals, Yana and Kiku. The group has achieved more than 100,000 downloads of clicks with their songs per month in cellular phone app store. Shortly after the breakup of  ‘Missing Link’ (previous group name), they formed new one called ‘YANAKIKU’.  Then, the group released “Miwaku No LADY” album and the single “UP↑SIDE↓DOWN”  shortly. They also have an unique group name “KIMOCOS” (“Kimono Cosplay”) to promoto themselves…………. YANAKIKU has a cute look and funny personalities that are sure to win over any music fan everywhere……….

J. Pop – Rev. from DVL

Rev. from DVL – It is a Japanese girl dancing and idol group originated in Japan. Shortly after the group was made, they participate in many activities within the TV, internet, radio, and other media to get more popularity. They released their 1st. single – “LOVE-arigatou-“, “Never Say Goodbye” …….have sold tons of copies to be reached  in 6th place on the weekly Oricon Singles Chart…….



J. Classical – Kyu Sakamoto

Kyu Sakamoto (坂本 九) He was born in December 1941 and passed away in August 1985. He was a singer who has a best known hit song “Ue o Muite Arukou” (Sukiyaki). He had several Japanese classical hits and appeared on TV and radio program shows……. This song had hit Billoard and sold over millions and millions of copies in 1960s. He was the first Asian artist to hit highest record ever in oversea…..

J. Pop – Cheeky Parade

1cheeky_paradeCheeky Parade – This girl idol group has an unique J.pop style with the unlimited kawaii power of parade idols-like dancing skills…… The idol members are Asami Watanabe渡辺亜紗美[Leader], Yūna Sekine関根優那[Leader], Rino Shimazaki島崎莉乃, Yuriya Suzuki鈴木友梨耶, Marin Yamamoto山本真凜, Hina Nagai永井日菜, Momoka Kodakari小鷹狩 百花, and Mariya Suzuki鈴木真梨耶.  Their 1st single “Bunbun nine9”, “Mugendai Shoujo”, and “C.P.U.!?” were ranked and made to top five on the Oricon weekly chart in Japan………..

J. Metal – Crossfaith


Crossfaithクロスフェイス – It is a J. metal core and post-hardcore with strong dance music background band. The members of the band are Kenta Koie(vocalist), Kazuki Takemura(guitarist), Hiroki Ikegawa(bass guitar), Tatsuya Amano(drummer), and Terufumi Tamano(keyboards).  They band from Osaka and released albums like, “Blueprint of Reconstruction”,  “The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty”, and “The Dream, The Space” and so forth…………..

J. Pop – Tempura Kidz

tempura_kidz1Tempura Kidz  –  It is a J. pop female group of dancing/singing formed in Japan. The members in the group are Yu-Ka (YU-KA), Karin, Pi-chan, NaNaHo, and Ao…………  After the group started to quit as dancers for other singer, they decided to release their own songs, like “Cider Cider”, ” One Step”……….They also released their single “Strobe”, which is used as the anime theme song “Cho Soku Henkei Gyrozetter” ………..

J. Rock – Southern All Stars


Southern All Starsサザンオールスターズ – It is  a J.Rock band that formed in 70s…….. The members of the group are Keisuke Kuwata(vocals leader), Takashi Omori(guitarist), Yuko Hara(keyboards), Kazuyuki Sekiguchi(bass), Hiroshi Matsuda(drums), and Hideyuki Nozawa(percussion).  S.A.S. has been one of the best selling J. Rock group that has been sold more than millions of album copies, like ‘Tsunami’ or ‘Manatsu no Kajitsu’……The band is also ranked No.1 in the list of HMV 100 most influential musicians in Japan………