J. Music – Japan Annual Singers Championship (Kohaku Uta Gassen紅白歌合戦)


ohaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦) is a giant annual music TV show on every New Year’s Eve produced by Japanese public broadcast NHK television company locally. It also broadcasts internationally by NHK’s overseas networks, which whoever bought the program. This show usually ends shortly before the midnight of every new year eve.Kohaku Uvlcsnap-2012-05-11-11h27m48s113ta Gafinale2ssen represents “Red and White Song Battle”. This TV program divides the music artists of the year into 2 teams of red and white. The “red” team of akagumi (赤組) represents of all female vocals/artists or groups of female vocals/artists. And the “white” team of shirogumi (白組) represents all male vocals/artists or groups of male vocals/artists. This honor of the super ultimate singer of performing on Kohaku is usually very selectively every single year that leads to the most successful Japan singer artist can perform. It is VERY important for them that this kind of music performances can directly affect the sale CD album of each individual singer……………………………………..




J. Rock – Plastic Tree

Plastic Tree -It is J. Rock also known as PuraTuriプラトゥリ to people who love them. The band members are Ryūtarō Arimura (有村 竜太朗 – Vocals), Akira Nakayama (ナカヤマ アキラ – guitar), Tadashi Hasegawa (長谷川 正 – guitar), and Kenken Sato (佐藤 ケンケン drummer ). As time went on, they like their music into more visual kei influences with a bit of heavy electronic metal. They have released the many albums, like “Kimyou na Kajitsu:Strange Fruits“, “Wareta Mado“,  and so forth. Plastic Tree have made many overseas tour concerts everywhere in worldwide…….


J. Rock – JAM Project

JAM Project – It is a Japanese anime band maker in Japan. The band is composed of many vocal cool artists(Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, Yoshiki Fukuyama) well known in the anime video games and theme songs industial market. Each artist can performed alone or joined together with others, like Animetal USA. Their number one hit theme music albums should be Super Robot Wars, Garo, and One Man Punch.


J. Metal – Animetal USA

AnimetalアニメタルUSA – It is a J. Metal group formed by American who usually sing by themselves alone, but sometimes performed with Momoiro Clover Z, JAM Project or other J. artists. The band members consisted of Mike Vescera(Lead), Chris Impellitteri(Guitarist), Rudy Sarzo(Bassist), Ozzy Osbourne, Whitedsnake, Geoff Tate lineup of Queensryche, and Scott Travis(drummer) with band members replacment of Jon Dette drummer. Their heavy metal theme song albums were released, like Dragon Balls, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Macross, and so forth……. ……..Their albums have gained  high marks on the Amazon Japan Hard Metal Best Sellers chart, Billboard Spotify Viral 50, and Billboard Albums chart.





SEKAI NO OWARI – End of the World –  This band came out in Tokyo around ’07………. It contains 4 members: Nakajin, Fukase, Saori, and DJ LOVE……….. In the beginning, they released “Tree” album which topped out the chart of Japanese song selling market right away……. SEKAI NO OWARI is also has the big “Twilight City” show has more than a total number of 100,000 fans to attend……They released the songs of “ANTI-HERO” and “SOS” is also theme songs of the anime movies – Attack on Titan: End of the World………….


J. Rock – Luna Sea

Luna Sea – It is a J. Rock group which formed in Kangawa, Japan around the time of 90’s. The members of the group are Jun Onose(vocals), Inoran(guitar), Sugizo(guitar), Shinya(drums), and Ryuichi(vocals). They like to use makeup on their faces and also wear unique costumes. They are considered one of the most successful in the style of viual kei bands movement in J. musical industry. Their famous albums includes image, Eden, Mother, Style, Shine, Lunacy and etc……..


J. Pop – BoA

BoA(Kwon Bo-ah 권보아. ) She is a Korean singer but also performed in Japan. She is born in Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea but had been trained in Japan and Korea. Her multilingual skills have made her commercial success everywhere. She is very first successful Korean singer to get very famous in Japan and other Asian countries. She released Korean albums – “ID; Peace B” ,”No.1″ and later released Japanese album – “Listen to My Heart” , “Valenti”.  Also later, BoA debuted American album – “Eat You Up”.  She is one of the highest foreign singers to receive million copies albums sold award on the Oricon Charts in Japan.


J. Pop – Dempagumi.inc

Dempagumi.incでんぱ組 – It is a young and cute J.pop girl idols group which were formed and performed on Akihabara’s live stage bar. The present members are Aizawa Risa相沢梨紗, Furukawa Mirin古川未鈴, Yumemi Nemu 夢眠ねむ, Naruse Eimi成瀬瑛美, Fujisaki Ayane藤咲彩音, Kaname Rin鹿目凛, and Nemoto Nagi根本凪. They released many singles and albums, like “Mirror Magic?“, “Kiss+kiss de owaranai/ Star☆tin“, “WWDBEST ~Dempa Ryoukou!電波良好!