J. Music – The song of “Flowers will bloom” (For 3.1.1.Earthquake)

1millionflowerslogo3.1.1. Earthquake – Human, please close our eyes to think that why we are still fighting between different countries. It does not matter which country is winning, the mother nature(like Earthquake, Tsunami, etc.) is going to kill us all at last. It is a time to united our forces of the mind to work together……..The earthquake 3.1.1. hit Japan to cost the lost of a large chunk of its electricity-generating capacity by one-two-THREE punch of earthquake and tsunami, the narrative in parts of one of the world’s most technologically advanced PLACES – JAPAN was suddenly transformed overnight into one of Third World country hardship. It is hard to imagine of it.  There is a song called “Flowers will bloom” – The song which is sung and made together from a massive group of Japanese Singers. Please close your eye and listen the song from your heart.


My heart goes out to you,
When the winter snows give way to spring.
My heart is longing now,
Longing for the town where happiness had been.

Been a place of hope and of dreaming too,
Been a home where my heart always went back to you,
But for now I only dream of the people who I loved and knew.

Someone is singing, I can hear singing now,
Someone is weeping, I can feel their tears,
Someone is smiling, showing me why
and how to go on living for years and years.

Flowers will bloom, yes they will, yes they will,
For you who are here or yet to be born.
They’ll bloom, yes they will
and they’ll bloom again until,
There’s no missing sorrow and no reason left to mourn.

My heart goes out to you,
When the morning sun lights up the pale blue sky.
My heart is heavy now,
With the grief I tried so often to deny.

I regret mistakes that I sometimes made.

But I know our love will never fade
and that you’ll live on instead of me,
And that you will have whatever love can be.

Someone is thinking, I can read every thought,
Someone is shedding tears for all that was lost,
Someone is leading you to love that they sought
asking you to love all that you love the most.

Flowers will bloom, yes they will, yes they will,
For you who are here or yet to be born.
They’ll bloom, yes they will
and they’ll bloom again until,
There’s no missing sorrow and no reason left to mourn.
Flowers will bloom, yes they will, yes they will,
For you who are here or yet to be born.
They’ll bloom, yes they will
and they’ll bloom again until,
There’s no missing sorrow and no reason left to mourn.

Yes they will

They’ll bloom, yes they will
and they’ll bloom again until,
You’ll live and remember and love us forever more.
And love us forever more.


J. Music – Japan Annual Singers Championship (Kohaku Uta Gassen紅白歌合戦)


ohaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦) is a giant annual music TV show on every New Year’s Eve produced by Japanese public broadcast NHK television company locally. It also broadcasts internationally by NHK’s overseas networks, which whoever bought the program. This show usually ends shortly before the midnight of every new year eve.Kohaku Uvlcsnap-2012-05-11-11h27m48s113ta Gafinale2ssen represents “Red and White Song Battle”. This TV program divides the music artists of the year into 2 teams of red and white. The “red” team of akagumi (赤組) represents of all female vocals/artists or groups of female vocals/artists. And the “white” team of shirogumi (白組) represents all male vocals/artists or groups of male vocals/artists. This honor of the super ultimate singer of performing on Kohaku is usually very selectively every single year that leads to the most successful Japan singer artist can perform. It is VERY important for them that this kind of music performances can directly affect the sale CD album of each individual singer……………………………………..



J. Rock – Acid Black Cherry

Acid Black Cherry is the solo project of Yasunori Hayashi, a.k.a. “Yasu”.  After many years of the hard working on the field, Acid Black Cherry debuted the albums, like, “Spell Magic”. His songs and albums have stayed in the top ten on the Oricon chart in Japan.  His albums, like  “2012” , “Acid BLOOD Cherry” and “Yesイエス” has became their first album to reach the no.1 ranking on the Oricon chart in Japan.  His songs attract millions of people to see them in social media…………      ……………

J. Pop – Chisato Moritaka

Chisato Moritaka森高千里 is J. pop star who sing many songs and have debuted many awesome albums, like the favorite one is “New Season”…….  ……. She is a smart girl that able to write her own lyrics for albums. She also played many instruments, like drums, piano, guitar, and clarinet.  She has made numerous appearances on TV commericals, car shows, video game promotion shows. In these years, she has debuted more than seventeen albums so far, like “New Season”, “Mihaミーハー”, “Romanticロマンティック”, “Mite見て”, Hijitsuryokuha Sengen非実力派宣言”, “Moritaka Land森高ランド”, “Kokon Tozai古今東西”, “The Moritakaザ・森高”, “Rock Alive”, “Pepperlandペパーランド “, “Lucky 7”, “Step by Step”, “Do the best”, “Taiyo”, “Peachberry”, “Kotoshi no Natsu wa More Better今年の夏はモアベター”, “Sava Sava”, “The Best Selection of First Moritaka87–93”, “Mix Age”, “Harvest Time”, “My Favorites”……..  ………and so forth.

J. Rock – Love Psychedelico

Love Psychedelico is a J. rock group which consists of the members: Kumi(Singer) and Naoki Sato(guitarist). The albums which were released, like “The Greatest Hits”,  “Love Psychedelic Orchestra”, “Love Psychedelico III”, “Golden Grapefruit”, and “This is Love Psychedelico”, have been sold over an average number of the million copies.  They like to visit everywhere to perform through the club and bar circuit. They have received many positive feedback response from everywhere including the musical market of U.S., Taiwan, and Hong Kong where many fans gathered………  ………It has been proved that this is a very successful J. rock group.

J. Pop & Rock – Nanase Aikawa

Nanase Aikawa相川 七瀬She is J. pop and rock star who born in Osaka and often have shown up and have an invitation to sing on the show of “Kohaku Uta Gassen”(New Year’s Eve singing contest on TV show).  She did sing some anime soundtracks, like, “Crimson-FANG – Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World” from CD of “Kamen Rider Blade“. However, majority of her fans are the Bosozoku(motorcycle gang) in Japan. Since then, she has released many albums, for example, “I.D. ” ,  “Foxtrot” , “Purãnã” , “The Last Quarter” , “ID:2″ , “7 Seven” , “The First Quarter” , “R.U.O.K?!” , “REBORN” , “Gossip” , “Konjiki今事紀” , “Treasure Box” , “Now or Never” , “ROCK GOES ON”…….  …….



J. Pop – Kalafina

Kalafinaカラフィナ – The group is mainly to perform idols songs and anime theme songs, like “Kara no Kyokai”.  It consists of different members: Yuki Kajiura, Wakana Ōtaki and Keiko Kubota, Maya and Hikaru. The band have released many albums, like, “Seventh Heaven”, “Red Moon”, “After Eden”, “Consolation”, “Far on the Water.”  With Yuki Kajiura leaving and rumors said that Hikaru and Keiko would also leave the band, the group agency of the band decided to continue their plans to keep singing. The future of the band is still unknown………..  ……….

J. Pop & Actress – Hideki Saijo

Hideki Saijō西城 秀樹 was a J. pop singer and TV celebrity in 70s, 80s and 90s. The most famous for singing the village people’s hit Y.M.C.A.” helped him to get more famous and attention. Also he gained popularity in the animation “Chiba Maruko-Chan” and by releasing Enrique Iglesias song “Bailamos.” He also sang the theme song of Emperor’s New Groove and “Turn a Turn” from Gundam theme song. He released many good songs and albums, including like “Minami jujisei” , “Seishoujo”, “Gyarando”, “Night game”, “Do you know”, “Dakishimete jiruba”, “Ichimankonen no ai”, “Udenonakae”, “Tsuioku no hitomi”, “Rain of dream”, “Yakusoku no tabi”, “New York girl”, and “Blue sky”……..   ………



J. Pop – Luna Haruna

Luna Haruna春奈 るな is J.pop & idol singer who likes to sing anime and game songs and wears often gothic lolita clothes. She also acts as an amateur fashion model too. With the help of song companies, she debuted her first single “Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau空は高く風は歌う – Fate/Zero Anime song”. Then, she debuted many of many, for example:  “Overfly – Sword Art Online”, “Startear – S.A.O. part II“, “Yoru no Niji wo Koete”夜の虹を越えて – SAO: Lost Song”,  “Kisaragi Attention- Makakucity Actors”, “Kimi-iro Signal – Saekano:How to Rasie a Boring Girlfriend”, “Ripple Effect – High School Fleet”, “Windia – S.A.O. :Hollow Realization”, “Stella Breeze – Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat” , “KIRAMEKI☆ライフライン – Urahara”,  “Justice – Fate/Extella Link video game”,  and “Momoiro Typhoon桃色タイフーン – Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs”